Goanimate Logic happens/occurs when a character does something that is impossible (example: someone swimming in lava without burning up and dying or an object being stretched without something making the object stretch.), Goanimate logic mostly happens unintentionally probably because of laziness but sometimes (mostly Uolliac videos), happens intentionally by the creator. In most Goanimate videos. The most common use of Goanimate logic is that an Object stretches or an object that a character is holding goes some where faster than the character and the character runs to it when the character was meant to hold the object but it looks like the object ran off and the character went to get it. Basically, Goanimate logic is something that can't be done in real life.


Goanimate logic first started when a person named AnEmeraldStone (now MrWafflesNBacon due to hate) began posing comments (between the years 2014 and 2015) on Goanimate videos that had a timestamp (some comments don't have one) and the text "#GoanimateLogic" The comment would look like this: "1:33 #GoanimateLogic" some years later, Goanimators made videos that when a character uses Goanimate logic, the character character says that he/she is using Goanimate logic or will use Goanimate logic (example: "I will use Goanimate logic" or "I will take (object) by using Goanimate logic").

How to tell what Goanimate logic really is

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Action Is this Goanimate logic? Reasons why or why not.
Object stretches for no reason. Yes This cannot be done in real life.
Character walks in mid air. No, depends. It cannot be done in real life, but can be done with support.
Character walks on ground. No This can be done in real life.
Red skin/teeth guys. No There are people with red skin (sunburn) and there is some people with large teeth also.
Character throws another object and runs after it. Yes, depends If a character throws another character and they are both different sizes but the character is not strong, then yes it is. And if a character throws something that can be thrown in real life, then no. this kind of Goanimate logic is an unintentional type.
Character makes something appear No This is mistaken many times, this is NOT Goanimate logic, but this is magic, Goanimate logic and magic are two different things. Yes, they are both impossible in real life, but they are both different.
Weird voice Yes, depends This is an intentional type of Goanimate logic, (example is that a 4 year old has a 12 year old voice (mostly Caillou) or a male has a female voice and or the other way around). But if the character is a male or female, the character should have a voice like Ivy.

Unintentional vs intentional.

An unintentional type of Goanimate logic happens when the creator makes an character does Goanimate logic by pure accident this mostly happens when a character throws something and runs/walks after it but was meant to carry it to a place. but an intentional type of Goanimate logic is when a character announces that he or she will do Goanimate logic then does/uses Goanimate logic. By the way, a character making another thing appear is NOT Goanimate logic, it is magic and Goanimate logic and Magic is two different things. Goanimate logic in Uolliac videos are ALWAYS intentional.