Warren Cook is a GoAnimate troublemaker who loves to make fake VHS openings ("real not fake!" as he says....) and those openings always have the wrong years, logos and commercials. He loves Disney stuff to death. Warren is also on the autistic spectrum (okay really? it's statistically totally normal for a Comedy World character to have some weirdass autism-like qualities). His avatar is a Comedy World stock character. His dad is Alan Cook and his mom is Catherine Cook, and Alan and Catherine hate fake VHS openings and when Warren makes a fake VHS openings, they ground him and bring people over to give him silly and cruel punishments, including being grounded from everything Disney-related and being forced to watch/play everything non-Disney.

Warren Cook

He was loosely based on a real user who was a former GoAnimate troll back in 2012-2013, the dark ages of GoAnimate, when memy9909 and TheSuperBaxter were having a huge online war and the biggest "GoFags" of all time. This user liked to make fake VHS openings with a video editing software and upload them onto YouTube, and he especially liked Disney. He got his original account terminated but many other users made alt accounts until the drama ended.

Voice: Brian

Likes: Making fake VHS openings, everything Disney-related.

Dislikes: Every product, toy, cartoon, movie or TV show that is non-Disney. Being told "Warren, you have some visitors".

Warren Cook makes a fake vhs opening

Warren Cook makes a fake vhs opening

Warren scheming

Warren laughs over finishing a fake VHS opening.